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  1. Shawn DeRosa

    Dear Eric I completely agree with your assessment on eliminating Homeplate collisions, you’re right, the rule is not written effective, the rule as both of us agree should be written that the runner has to slide and that the catcher has to provide a lane and or provide a good faith lane depending on where the balls thrown to allow the runner to slide. They could even consider extending the third-base line to go permanently across the plate to kind of divide the Homeplate in terms of what may be considered a good faith base runners lane to slide etc.. I encourage you to keep sharing with your colleagues to have the rule be written more effectively to prevent collisions at home plate in addition they should add a side by side base at first base for the runners to step on prevent a runner from stepping on the ankle or foot of anyone covering first space, we don’t want to see people get injured when injuries can be prevented. We don’t want to see careers ruined over injuries that could be easily prevented. To hear some people say that they’ll be unable to adapt to the rule is ridiculous, everyone has learned how to sweep tag and tag people at their ankles and feet from the days of playing T-ball

  2. Frank Padilla


    I am watching Harold talk about his “catchers’ cylinder” idea.

    I just noticed that home plate on the replica field in the MLB studio is not correctly aligned with the foul-lines.

    The rear angled edges of home plate should be in-line with the outer edge of the 3-inch wide foul-line stripes.

    In the MLB studio, those angled edges are about 8 or 10 inches into foul territory.


  3. roger newell

    Hey Eric –
    First off, the FOX Game Production of WS was simply atrocious….they NEVER showed a LARGE camera shot of the defensive alignment in key situations.
    Eric as an experienced MLB -LF could you tell your audience
    how you play/aligned with a 2-0 lead in the 9th inning with a runner on 2nd and no outs? Do you play medium so you have a play at plate with runner on 2nd or do you play DEEP – TAKE AWAY DOUBLE so the TYING run doesn’t get to 2nd base? The reason I ask:

    FOX didn’t show Met rookie LF [Conforto] alignment before Hosmer’s 9th inning hit but please review the slo-mo and tell us how could Hosmer’s hit go over Conforo’s head and STILL hit the grass for a 9th inning rbi double.
    Thank you and please tell us whose responsibility is to make sure the rookie LF is properly positioned – the KEY HIT of game and yet not talked about because viewer and Fox broadcasters NEVER saw how shallow/medium Conforto was playing before Hosmer’s hit.


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