2 thoughts on “The Lost No Hitter & Message To Clean Players Who Continued To Get Robbed

  1. Jason Howard

    Absolutely awesome I really appreciate your take on how to punish the dirty players by hitting them where it hurts. In their pocket book. Thank u for speaking the truth. Also, leave the kid in!!! He’s got a fucking no hitter going!!!

    Jason Howard

  2. enrique cubillo

    How about we just allow doping and stop chasing pros that are going to dope no matter what? No one stops athletes from doping. No way. Not as long as there is money in the game. Never. An alternative idea no one has put forward today is the following. Stop testing pros. Test elite amateurs to the gills. Nail one amateur and they never play pro, ever, never. The idea is to get youth to not do it. We will never , ever stop doping in pro sports. Never. It it impossible for the simple reason you mentioned. The chem lab will always be ahead of the test for the dope of the moment. Always. I live to see a no hitter. I’d die a happy man. Pitching rules.


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