4 thoughts on “In My Own Words

  1. Michael Lederman

    Honest, informative, humorous, real talk that goes far beyond the scripted blather of the self important blog geeks we are accustomed to. Byrnes22 is the best
    Keep it up Bro!

  2. Robert

    Love the honesty man!!! Crazy similar experience under the Mill ave bridge. I lost my dad a a little less than a year before I too was in Tempe town lake for the start of the swim—-I come hear him telling me go kick the shit out of the day and enjoy it….
    So thanks for sharing. I got a chance to run with you and LA and of few of your buds in Auburn (all good you don’t remebr me) and gotta say I pumped for you on your WS 100 quest. Go gett’m!!!

  3. Brett Fortney

    You are the man. Always keeping it real. The Tom Tolbert Show with Eric Byrnes on KNBR is still my favorite radio show to this day. So glad to see that you are back on the radio in one way or another. KEEP SHIT REAL BYRNSIE, like you always do.


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