4 thoughts on “Western States 100: An EPIC Journey

  1. Ken

    Well done, Eric. As Twiet told me following my first finish in 1998, “Welcome to the Family!” – that’s in the same vein as your comments about seeing the elites of the sport working on the course maintenance the week before the race. Tim won that year and yet he was still there congratulating runners as the clock clicked down to 30 hours and was also there 3-hours into the awards ceremony later that afternoon – well after he could have been back home having a cool one, he was congratulating the very final award recipients. Its an incredible family – hope you can return and enjoy it again or in another roll. Best to you, your family and entire crew.

  2. Kevin Moore

    Thanks Eric! Loved hearing your story and hope to meet you out on the trails sometime. Like you said Brian Morrison planted the Western States dream in your head, I think you’ve helped do the same for me.

  3. Jacob Wulff

    The best hour of podcasting I’ve ever heard. I love your passion for everything you do and it really motivates me to live a life that I am passinnate about. Congrats on your accomplishmen . I can’t wait for the next episode of Hustle aka The Oppo Taco shop.


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